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Maureen Hanson appears in historic photo shoot featured in the Cornell Alumni Magazine.


Cyanobacterial Rubisco introduced into transplastomic tobacco plants was reported in Nature in September, 2014.  Two different tobacco genotypes that fix all carbon with a Rubisco enzyme derived from cyanobacteria have been produced following engineering the chloroplast genome by two different strategies.  Producing these plants are an important step needed to introduce the entire cyanobacterial CO2-concentration mechanism into crop plants for improved photosynthesis and crop yield.
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Transient expression of cyanobacterial carboxysome proteins in tobacco chloroplasts resulted in assembly of microcompartments.
Plant Journal (July 2014)
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Tao Sun (Graduate Student in the Field of Plant Biology) received the Wu Memorial Award and the Barbara McClintock Award for outstanding student in Cornell Plant Sciences in 2013.


Myat Lin is awarded an NRSA postdoctoral fellowship from NIH in 2013


American Society of Plant Biology Lawrence Bogorad Award to Maureen Hanson in 2006
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Fertility restorer gene identified as a PPR protein in petunia described in PNAS (2002)
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