Hanson Lab represented at the 2018 ASPB and ISPR meetings in Montreal

From left to right: Dr. Vishal Chaudhari, Dr. Maureen Hanson, Dr. Myat Lin, and Kevin Hines

Dr. Hanson, Dr. Vishal Chaudhari, Dr. Myat Lin and BMCB student Kevin Hines all attended and presented posters at the July 2018 American Society for Plant Biology Meeting Hines gave an ASPB mini-symposium talk “Chloroplast carbonic anhydrases function in photosynthesis and plant development.”

At the satellite meeting “Photosynthesis from Light to Life,” sponsored by the International Society for Photosynthesis Research, Dr. Hanson spoke on “Improving the efficiency of photosynthetic carbon fixation in C3 plants.” 

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